MedTracS - system description


MedTracS offers full FMD functionality for Clients.

MedTracS will enable you to perform all your necessary FMD tasks and transactions, as stipulated by the general FMD regulation as well as country specific directives and requirements.

These include the tracking and checking the individual serial numbers of medicines through our dedicated and certified interface to the relevant National Medicine Verification System in your country.

FMD transactions

MedTracS will allow you and all your assigned employees to:

  check the validity of the serial number of medicine pack, as well as if it can be redistributed (in case a wholesaler is not ordering from the medicine’s Marketing Authorization Holder)

  check out a serial number of a medicine pack from the system when dispensing the medicine to a patient (hospital, pharmacy)

  check out a serial number of a medicine pack from the system when distributing the medicine outside of EU (wholesaler)

  check out a serial number because of putting into waste, medicine samples, giving away

  undo the functions listed above in case of mistake

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FMD data

MedTracS will give you an easy access and comprehensive view into your historical data and all your FMD transactions generated by you and all your assigned employees.

You will be able to filter and view your data for specific user, terminal, location, time period. You will be able to monitor trend lines and concentration of specific transaction results or statuses.

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MedTracS is configured and operates on selected Client infrastructure as well as dedicated software and hardware resources provided by us.

MedTracS can be set up on different types of user terminals: laptop or desktop computers equipped with a wired or wireless scanner, smartphones with Android or iOS, or a combination of both.

You can set up any number of user terminals, as required specifically by you now and make adjustments in the future. You can also assign one or more users into each user terminal, based on specific needs.

We have set up a dedicated, secure operating environment (servers, databases) for MedTracS, with a dedicated and secure interface to the National Medicine Verification System in your country.

This way all your FMD transactions will be performed in a reliable, fast and secure way.

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Operational usage

For getting started, you only need to set up a smartphone running on Android or iOS or a number of smartphones with Internet access. You can download our MedTracS application from Google Play or App Store for free. You can start using it immediately after completing the registration.

MedTracS application uses the phone’s camera to scan the new, unique medicine pack identifier (Data Matrix code). It is in online connection with our server – running 24/7 – through Internet, forwarding the scanned serial numbers to it. Our server is responsible for handling the rights, logging and being in permanent connection with National Medicine Verification System.

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High volume usage

If you work with high volume of medicines and your employees handle large number of medicine packs, in one or many locations, MedTracS can be set up and operated accordingly.

MedTracS is not only available on smartphone running on Android or iOS, but on laptop or desktop computer as well. After connecting a 2D code scanner, faster workflows can be achieved this way. Background work will be done again on our dedicated servers. If necessary, you can use MedTracS application on more devices at the same time.

Such set up will meet the business needs of even the largest pharmaceutical wholesalers, hospitals and pharmacy chains.

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In order to ensure fast operations, there is an asynchronous connection between the application and the server, so during the use of the app you don’t have to wait for response. You can continuously scan the medicine pack codes and our server processes these in the background.

You don’t need fast Internet, neither a high-end smartphone, as the actual work is done on our side, not on your client device. After finishing work, you will get the results in form of statistics, if there was a problem with any of the items. Those will stay on the screen, can be scanned again, or separated based on their ID.

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Client segments and Cost

MedTracS is available to all types of pharmaceutical wholesalers, hospitals and pharmacies – large, medium or small.

Your investment cost in MedTracS can be as low as zero, as you don’t have to buy software licences and if you are able to use our MedTracS system on your already acquired devices (computers with scanners and/or smartphones with Android or iOS).

This applies regardless of your size and regardless whether you are a wholesaler, hospital or pharmacy.

MedTracS is offered in simple subscription model with attractive rates. What’s more, we offer you MedTracS free of charge for the first month.

To start, you will only need to determine the total number of end-user terminals you want to use.

Do not wait until 09 February 2019 ... get MedTracS now!

Now you can get MedTracS free of charge for the first month of usage. You can order, install and use MedTracS for the first month for free!
After the first month, if you decide to buy MedTracS for a longer period (min. 6 months), you will receive an attractive discount.

Key MedTracS features

   FMD Certified and Ready – tested, proven and certified by the National Medicine Verification Organizations in respective countries of Clients’ locations

    Versatile – enables usage of various types of scanning devices, either already in operation by Clients or newly acquired

   Reliable – runs on operating environment based on high quality software and hardware platforms

   Local service and support available and provided to Clients in the respective countries of their locations

   Complete and Comprehensive – designed to take care of all formal and business process requirements for Clients

   Scalable – applicable for large, medium or small companies and entities, from few to tens/hundreds of terminals and users

   Continuous regulatory adaptation - continuously adapting to on-going regulatory changes

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