MedTracS for hospitals

MedTracS segment value offer

MedTracS was designed and developed by us using our 30-year expertise in building, delivering and operating complex pharmaceutical logistics software systems for leading pharmaceutical distributors.

We created MedTracS taking into account specific organizational, process and procedural needs and requirements of hospitals, such as reliability, speed, safety and security, as well as ability to process high volumes of medicines if necessary.

MedTracS can be used by any type and size of a hospital, either public or private, large, medium or small, with one or many units and branches.

As a hospital, MedTracS will allow you to achieve full FMD compliance with limited effort and investment.

Using MedTracS you will perform all required FMD transactions in your hospital efficiently and effectively, with minimum interference to your existing organization, operations and infrastructure.

Key functionality

Medtracs offers full functionality to meet the requirements for hospitals based on FMD.

Certified connection to National Medicine Verification System.

Two key types of FMD transactions:

1.  Verification of medicine packs

  • Products received from suppliers by the hospital central pharmacy depot

2.  Decommission of medicine packs

  • Products dispensed to patients from the hospital central depot or through the individual unit pharmacy sub-depots

  • Products destroyed

  • Products provided as samples

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FMD transactions

1.  Verify medicine pack

2.  Decommission medicine pack + Status:

  • Dispense

  • Mark pack as Destroyed

  • Mark pack as Sample, for authorities/sample archives

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FMD data

  • Easy access and comprehensive view into historical data, all FMD transactions in your hospital generated by all assigned users

  • Ability to filter data, view transactions for specific user, terminal, depot, unit/branch, selected time period

  • Ability to analyse data, monitor trend lines, concentration of transaction types for specific user, terminal, depot, unit/branch

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How to start

To get started, only a smartphone running on Android or iOS or a number of smartphones with Internet access need to be set up.

MedTracS application can be downloaded from Google Play or App Store for free.

MedTracS can be used right after completion of the registration process.

MedTracS application uses smartphone’s camera to scan the new, unique medicine pack Data Matrix code.

The MedTracS application is in online connection with our dedicated MedTracS server, operating 24/7, forwarding the scanned serial numbers to it.

MedTracS server handles in the background all relevant work including handling the rights, logging and being in permanent connection and data interchange with the National Medicine Verification System.

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How to process high volumes

As a hospital, you may cyclically or permanently experience the need to process high volume of medicines every day.  

MedTracS can be set up and operated in order to handle high volume of medicines and bulk transactions performed by users, in a single or multiple depots, units or branches.

MedTracS can be set up and configured on multiple laptops or desktop computers with connected 2D code scanners. This way, fast workflows can be achieved. Again, background work is done on our dedicated servers.MedTracSapplication can be used in parallel on more devices at the same time.

This set up will meet the operational and FMD requirements of even the largest hospitals.

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Speed, reliability and safety

Fast and reliable operation is enabled by asynchronous connection between the application and the server.

Users can continuously scan the medicine pack codes, while the MedTracS server processes transactions in the background.

Hence, users don’t have to wait for single responses when using the application, which is especially important for bulk transactions.

Because the actual work is done on our side, not on client devices, there is no need for fast Internet connection at client side, nor high-end smartphones.

After finishing scanning work, users get results in the form of statistics, with clear indication if there was a problem with any of the packs. Data will stay on the screen, so that problematic packs can be scanned again or separated.

MedTracS runs on our dedicated, secure operating environment (servers, databases), with certified and secure interfaces to the National Medicine Verification Systems in various countries.

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Set up and configuration

MedTracS is set up and configured on selected Client infrastructure components as well as dedicated software and hardware resources provided by us.

MedTracS can be set up on various types of client end user terminals: laptops or desktop computers connected with 2D scanners, smartphones with Android or iOS, or combination of both.

Any number of end user terminals can be set up, based on specific hospital requirements. Adjustments can be easily implemented in future in line with organizational or operational changes.

MedTracS can handle various end user and terminal configurations. One or more hospital employees can be assigned to a specific terminal.

Key MedTracS features

   FMD Certified and Ready – tested, proven and certified by the National Medicine Verification Organizations in various EU countries

    Versatile – enables usage of various types of scanning devices, either already in operation in the hospital or newly acquired

   Reliable – runs on operating environment based on high quality software and hardware platforms

   Local service and support available and provided to Clients in various countries

   Complete and Comprehensive – designed to take care of all formal and operational requirements for hospitals

   Scalable – applicable for large, medium or small hospitals, from few to tens of terminals and users 

   Continuous regulatory adaptation - continuously adapting to on-going FMD regulatory changes for hospitals

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